Adria Jordan

Ultimate Servant Leader

Ardria Jordan is a husband, father of two, and businessman. He has 10 years of network marketing experience. He always had the will and the passion to be successful but for the first 4 years he lacked the skills and mechanisms to make the industry work. He was a single, full time father and realized in order to change his circumstances, he would have to change. Good fortune came his way when he found a mentor and learned to become a student to the industry and allowed it to teach him. For the last 6 years, Ardria has been full time in network marketing and in the last 3 years has been able to help mentor 20+ people into 6 figure positions by duplicating leaders. People describe him as the ultimate servant leader and he focuses on teaching people the value of personal growth and development as a number one priority. He has now found a core group of leaders whose interests are solid and sound and who value loyalty as the most important aspects to building a business. Ardria is committed to the growth, development and duplication of leaders all across the globe.

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