Jef Welch

Creator of the Sustained Prosperity System

Take life... Don't let it take you.

Jef Welch, author and international speaker, started his journey working on his parent’s chicken and cattle farm in a small town in the North Georgia mountains when he was a small child. Farm life helped establish a mindset and was a constant stream of life’s lessons. Jef speaks of his father as his greatest mentor, and refers to him as “the Gentle Giant.”

Much like his father, Jef is straight-to-the-point and common-sense. He is a speaker and strategist, who draws from decades of international experience with a focus on the duplication of mentorship.

He specializes in smart-math concepts and has been the #1 income earner of several companies throughout his career in Network Marketing. He has built direct sales organizations in 43 countries and traveled to almost 70 countries, pioneering the profession in many countries.

“You can change your world if you change your mind.”

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