Sarah Robbins

Shy Former Teacher Becomes Million-Dollar Earner—In Her 20's! Today Sarah & Phil Robbins Are Multi-Million-Dollar per Year Earners and World-Class Philanthropists

How did a formerly shy teacher in her 20's, living in a depressed economy, find success and prosperity in Network Marketing? Sarah Robbins started her business like most people - part-time, with no previous business experience. She began sharing and people began to join her...

To her surprise, she surpassed her teacher's salary by the end of that first school year, and was able to retire from teaching. By the age of 29, she was earning a six-figure MONTHLY income! She retired her husband Phil from his construction business (35 years early) to work together, coaching others to live the life of their dreams, and fulfilling their lifelong passion of helping others. They are now able to give more than they used to make - combined! Not only did success change their lives, it has also impacted those around them that they have been able to bless with their time, talent, and resources.

Sarah has now built a multimillion-dollar monthly sales organization that is breaking industry records and hitting top sales goals. They have created a collaborative culture and cohesive team that is unstoppable. She continues to influence thousands of lives and teaches people how to build the lives of their dreams, and is living proof that anyone can live the American Dream.

Through their success in network marketing, Sarah and Phil Robbins have been able to fulfill their lifelong passion of helping others. They're committed to giving back to children in need through organizations like Angel House, World Vision, Compassion, and to individual causes that align with their mission of providing children love and loving homes.

At the end of 2012, Phil and Sarah were able to visit India, which they said changed their lives radically. They went to open orphanages and spend time with the children there. One of their greatest memories was witnessing 50 children run into their new home like they were running into Disney World. Phil and Sarah remain committed to helping even more children, and they believe anyone can make a difference, whether it be with your money, time or talents.

Sarah has been featured in numerous magazine articles, publications and books such as The Greatest Networkers in the World and on stage at events such as Art Jonak's Mastermind Event, Real SaVvy Success Event, Go for No!® Training Series, and the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP). Sarah's first book, Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing ROCK STAR is an Amazon Bestseller.

Learn how Sarah went from being a product promoter to a power prospecter - putting her at the top of the leader board in recruiting every year in her company (with this shift, she went from being the "least highest earner" to the #1 income earner in her company, by age 27) – and how you can, too. After hearing Sarah speak, you will be equipped to break records and fully understand how to build it BIG!

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