Tina Beer

Living A Life By Design, Not By Default: Former Flight Attendant traded her "Gold Wings" for Residual Income

Tina Beer is a former Flight Attendant who traded her "Gold Wings" for Residual Income. She began her journey in the Network Marketing profession nearly 15 years ago. Tina innocently stumbled into Network Marketing though a catalog she found in a seat back pocket while cleaning the aircraft. She didn't have a business background or any prior experience in the profession but she quickly recognized the opportunity as a way to earn the extra $250 a month she desperately needed to help supplement her monthly income and assist with the high costs of medical care for her Grandmother. What she lacked in business experience she made up with courage, tenacity, a strong work ethic and the concrete understanding of what would be possible if she just simply refused to quit!

In her own words:"I'm the perfect example of someone who joined Network Marketing looking purely for supplemental income but through consistent effort and enough time I began to experience replacement income and then eventually lifestyle income. Network Marketing has given me so much more than just financial rewards! There isn't a price tag one can put on financial and time freedom and the joy of designing your life around your core values. I learned first hand the true meaning of residual income several years ago when I needed to take a brief step back in my business to care for my Grandmother in those precious final days. When I was not able to be fully present in my business for that time, my business still continued to grow as well as my monthly income. That was my defining moment of the power and magnitude of this business model."

"Because of that experience, my appreciation and respect for this business model touches to the core of my being. I know first hand what is possible when you truly embrace an opportunity that is presented before you and give your business the time and respect that it deserves. This profession has allowed me to retire my husband early and now we both get to enjoy building an incredible life together. There was a time in our lives when we didn't have an extra $250 a month, and now every month we are able to give from the overflow. It's an indescribable feeling to be able to support causes and beliefs that are near and dear to our hearts. We are humbled to be able to use our blessings to bless and impact the lives of others."

Tina has a deep respect for Network Marketing and her passion is to give and serve at large the honorable profession that she credits with giving her so much. She has a big heart to inspire and awaken thousands of lives to what is truly possible when you embrace the profession of Network Marketing, put forth the work required and maintain a healthy perspective on the time it takes to build a solid foundation.

Tina is a well respected servant leader both inside her company and the Network Marketing profession. She's been featured as a Master Networker in Networking Times, as well as featured in the books The Four Year Career, The Flip Flop CEO and Best, Worst, First.

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